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Flight of the Conchords

BankUnited Center
Coral Gables, FL
April 7, 2009

Tuesday, April 7 brought New Zealand’s own comedic folk duo, Flight of the Conchords, to the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables. As the stars of their own HBO show, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie have acquired a cult following and are currently riding their success on a North American tour as a precursor to their new album, which debuts April 15.

It was a nice surprise to discover Kristen Schaal, known as Mel on the show, was opening with her own comedic routine. She expressed her endearment for Miami by launching into a bit about how even if you were run over here, you could at least rest under a palm tree while you waited for an ambulance. Her sugary sweet high-pitched voice was often a hilarious contrast from the characters she played or the scenarios she created. The audience broke up in fits of laughter at her spontaneous pot and lid porno, while a wooden spoon awkwardly watched, and her story of the abandoned mattress, who was the recipient of a lot of “tears” from its’ previous owners, got a lot of giggles.

For the end of her act, she replayed her audition for Law and Order: SVU as the chubby grocer who is questioned by a detective about her best friend. As she finds out her friend has been murdered she continuously shoves brownies down her throat all while screaming that this girl was her only friend, or as she put it “we were bestbians.”

The Flight of the Conchords opened their set on keyboards with their newest single “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor,” donning painted cardboard robot helmets and silver jackets. With all the dancing and fog it looked more like a Daft Punk show, but without the giant pyramid and raver kids on acid. Next, was “Beautiful Girl” and “Hurt Feelings” followed by a couple brand new songs from the second season of their show.

During the slower folk-style songs the audience listened intently attentively like a group of kindergarteners during story time.

During the slower folk-style songs the audience listened intently attentively like a group of kindergarteners during story time. You could have heard a pin drop if the guys hadn’t been playing any instruments. Some eager fans in the front held up homemade signs and Bret informed the audience he was being proposed to and then invited everyone there to their wedding.

A New Zealand Symphony Orchestra cellist only known as Nigel joined them onstage for most of the remainder of the show. They played “Sugalumps” and jumped offstage to dance with some girls in the front row. Clearly the crowd was excited when someone requested “Business Time,” but the guys declared it too “full on, too sexual” to go right into.

After a song accentuated by “depressing lighting,” Jemaine and Bret compared how many blowjobs they received backstage; which, in case you were wondering, was 40 to 17 in three minutes, respectively. While they did talk between songs, their witty, sometimes self-deprecating banter was almost as good as the songs themselves. Bret informed everyone that Jemaine has had to prostitute himself lately just to buy a sandwich because of his finances. Indeed, Jemaine could only reply, “You’d be surprised what you have to do to get a sandwich in Miami,” and when someone yelled “A Cuban sandwich” they asked if that was a euphemism.

“Motha Uckers” was played with Bret on drums and then finally, it was “Business Time.” After making love to the crowd for two minutes, the guys, in true rock star fashion, listed the issues that were important to them and when they couldn’t think of anymore informed the crowd “anything Bono’s into, we’re into.”

When they came back on for their encore they played “Albi, the Racist Dragon” and “Bowie,” clearly audience favorites. Closing their set, Jemaine and Bret turned back into robots and played the song by the same name, doing the robo-boogie during their binary solo and celebrating the death of humans.

While I had hoped they would play “Foux de fa fa,” their choice of songs were satisfying and entertaining, even in such a large venue. Maybe next time Murray will make an appearance and then all will be right in the world of the Flight of the Conchords.



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Review and Photos by Liana Minassian


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