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Green Day with Kaiser Chiefs

Green Day
with Kaiser Chiefs

August 4, 2009
American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

From the young to the old, fans of all ages came to the Green Day concert at the American Airlines Arena, a reflection of the band’s 20 year career in the music scene. In their current tour for 21st Century Breakdown, released in May 2009, everyone was in store for a stunning stage show.

Kaiser Chiefs started out the night with their brand of English indie rock, featuring tunes from Off with Their Heads (2008) along with Yours Truly, Angry Mob (2007). Taking it upon himself, vocalist Ricky Wilson made his way into the crowd and pumped them up for Green Day. The Chiefs played a strong set, but they couldn’t hold the crowd’s attention that was focused more on Green Day’s bassist Mike Dirnt, who stood on the side of the stage watching. The highlight of the Kaiser’s set was when Wilson sat down in the lower half of the arena and sang with a few of the fans next to him.

Not slowing down the set, Green Day focused on involving the crowd in every part of the show, coming out mid song with water guns, toilet paper, streamers and confetti.

Kaiser Chiefs left the stage, and the house lights came back on, as the crowd’s focus shot to the screens that displayed text messages from the crowd. Attempting to get a text on the screen (and to pass the time), my friends and I spammed the number.

Just as the crews were about done, out came the Green Day bunny, who is typically one of the opening band members dancing and pumping up the crowd. After a few minutes of the drunken bunny prancing around, “Song of the Century” came in over the PA which began the set of the 25 greatest hits of Green Day. Kicking right off with the new material, Billie Joe brought fans onto the stage to sing along and dance during their high energy set.

Right as they started “East Jesus Nowhere,” the pyrotechnics kicked in, bringing in a big bang to the show. Not slowing down the set, Green Day focused on involving the crowd in every part of the show, coming out mid song with water guns, toilet paper, streamers and confetti. Between songs, Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt would toast with those on the barricade to a great night ahead. As “21 Guns” kicked in, cell phones lit up the arena in a beautiful fashion of lights.

Green Day’s set included songs from all of their albums, fromAmerican Idiot (2004) to Nimrod (1997) and Warning (2000). Dipping back into 1992’s Kerplunk, they brought back songs such as “2000 Light Years Away” and “Welcome To Paradise.” Before “Jesus of Suburbia,” Billie Joe called for someone who knew how to play the song on guitar, so he could run around the crowd and dance as he sang.

Closing the night with “Good Riddance,” Billie Joe played (alone with his acoustic on the catwalk) as the crowd sang along, overpowering his vocals, giving the perfect close to an amazing rock show.



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Review by David Levitan
Photos by Liana Minassian


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