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“Want to buy an essay?” “Too busy to do your own work?” “Is writing just not your thing?” “Is your paper due tomorrow?”

Sites all over the internet are asking these questions of stressed-out college students everywhere. The people answering a resounding “yes” are too busy with other pressing academic concerns and extracurricular activities, as well as keeping up with their school’s social scene and (mostly) procrastinating. These online paper- writing services specialize in all forms of writing and subjects, ranging from “art, literature, psychology, humanities, health, sociology, communication, religion and computer technology.” How can they not be expected to want to take the easy way out and buy term papers online?

The average debt of a college graduate is $22,700 (according to the College Board), and students who pay others to do their work are basically giving thousands of dollars to have someone else receive the benefits of their schooling. These students are wasting their money, energy, and most importantly, time on avoiding assignments that are meant to help them better understand what they’re learning. The tools that should help them on tests, job interviews, and the real world are never learned; in the long run, these students will eventually reap what they sow: nothing.

According to the Ivy Survey, about 80 percent of papers bought online are plagiarized from a variety of sources. Just because the Web sites selling these papers claim to have “custom-written” essays and are staffed by only people with at least Master’s degrees and doctorates, does not mean they are telling the truth. College students must not forget that just as they are capable of buying term papers online, their professors are also equipped to copy and paste their “work” into different search engines or to check for plagiarism.

80 percent of papers bought online are plagiarized from a variety of sources

With over 100 million student papers on file and more than 11 billion web pages, journals, sites and more at its disposal, there’s a very good chance that will find the plagiarized papers students attempt to pass as their own. Even if the student did buy a real custom-written paper, most teachers are capable of recognizing if a student’s work is not their own.

In a back to school speech given in September, President Obama said, “There is no excuse for not trying.” However, claiming that the assignment was too complicated or simply staying up all night to party seems to be pretty good excuses for the thousands of college students who have already bought term papers throughout the years.

The online magazine Slate posted an article that gave advice on how to buy term papers. Students can take articles from free sites, pay for pre-written essays or purchase custom-ordered papers. The prices – and quality – increased for each category. However, none of the papers reviewed were considered to be worth an A and there were very few Bs. The author concluded that the “best bet” a lazy college student had to receive a good grade on their assignment was to buy a custom-made paper with an average cost of $17.95 per page and then edit it to something better. The idea that the student could learn something, write a paper themselves and save more than $50 was casually looked over in the tongue-in-cheek article.

With the consequences of plagiarizing varying from a failing grade to being expelled, it seems that in most cases, the cheater is actually the one to get cheated. So when that next paper gets assigned, keep your academic credibility and do the work yourself!

by Maritza Moulite

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