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with Young Jeezy and Trey Songz


February 20, 2010
BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise, FL


Mr. Sean Carter also known as Young Hov, Hova, Jigga man, and lastly but most importantly Jay-Z made his entrance onto the stage to the hard pumped “Run this Town.” The sold out stadium arose to their feet with shout after shout, and with the first spit into the mic, the crowd reached his same level; it was a night of ecstasy. “All black everything” as the song says, is how Jay himself and his band, the Roc Boys, were decked out. The band stood in front of a backdrop that changed according to the theme of the song. We saw quotes and city skylines throughout “Empire State of Mind”: It was New York City itself! Not once did Jay-Z miss a beat, run out of breath, mess up, or simply not be the best rapper alive. His persona and charisma was evident; he owned the stage and knew it.

The line up was expected to be Trey Songz opening up with R & B, then Young Jeezyswitching it up to trapstar music, and lastly peaking with Jay-Z, but things were switched up a bit. Trey opened up for half an hour with his sensual hits such as “I Invented Sex” and “Say Aah,” and after a 30-minute break, instead of Jeezy following, the man of the night, Jay, came onstage and took the crowd by surprise. The screams were endless. As Jigga man closed up his first act, not to mention he was losing his voice, Jeezy came out. Jeezy wrapped up his performance with one of his biggest speaker blowers – “My President” – and once again Jigga man was nothing short of perfection when he came back onstage to collaborate. This was such a strong song and turning point for the concert, everyone was united. From here on out we knew the rest of the concert was going to make it straight to the history books.

Not once did Jay-Z miss a beat, run out of breath, mess up, or simply not be the best rapper alive. His persona and charisma was evident; he owned the stage and knew it.

Mr. Carter showed a clip of our President Obama dusting off his shoulders, leading into one of his most celebrated tracks, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” jumping off into the second half of the show. Numerous times the band would stop, and Jay would continue to rhyme a cappella, leaving the crowd speechless. After that his band went into all of his mega hits, playing about 30 seconds of each and creating a mastermind of a mix! As it came to a closing, Jay threw what he called, “a carnival” to his song “Big Pimpin.” He exclaimed, “Ya’ll we can’t do this like this; we can’t. We need to throw a carnival, get your rags, your phones, your lighters, everything and throw it up in the air and swing it ‘round your head, here we go!” As I looked out into the crowd, not one hand was down, not one mouth still, and not one body kept from bumpin’. This man knows exactly how to throw a show and party at the same time.

Jay-Z was also joined onstage by his good friend and apprentice, Memphis Bleek. As he called out “B,” people were confused thinking that Beyonce would come out to make an appearance, but it was intended for Bleek. Also, a new uprising star, Bridget Kelley, who had made her debut with him at the European awards during “Empire State of Mind,” accompanied Jay to “Heart of The City” and “Empire State of Mind,” and rocked it.

The show was coming to a close with Jay rapping, “When you first come in the game, they try to play you, then you drop a couple of hits, look how they wave to you.” His song “Encore” gave the crowd goose bumps as he recited “at an all-time high, perfect time to say good-bye, when I come back like Jordan.” That line in this particular song was prophetic; here he was, just like Mike! At 40 and stronger than ever, leaving an impression to remember. Surprisingly he took down his rough exterior and threw his New York Yankees cap, chain and glasses (which he never removes) into the crowd and thanked his “booski,” Miss Beyonce Knowles. The crowd was privileged to see her get up and walk throughout the crowd. It was such a perfect ending to a night in the life of our Jay-Z!

We got to see it all. We partied and celebrated with the world’s greatest rapper, retired and all. From his first tracks, to his number one hits and singles, to his latest CD, our Jay has not skipped a beat. I wonder just what awaits us next in the life of our Young Hova, Mr. Jay-Z himself.


Review by Tasha Wahlenberg
Photos by Liana Minassian


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