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True story—the other day, I found myself having a very interesting conversation with friends. Someone who had graduated from our high school was racking in the money with a simple invention she created. We were dumbfounded and speechless. How does this happen we wondered? Like a bad re-creation of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, we flirted with ideas for inventions and cringed at the thought of not having conceived the idea for Silly Bandz first?!

Why is it that there are people that come up with the most random of ideas and end up making serious cash? And here we are three educated college grads, pretty smart kids for today’s standards, working our derrières off to make ends meet. It’s clearly not about brains. So what is that factor, that je ne sais quoi, that differentiates us peons from successful lucrative inventors?

Trust me, if I had the winning answer, I would be sippin’ from a sunset-inspired drink with a fun multi-colorful little umbrella in some extravagant island instead of typing this very sentence. But sadly, I’m not the creator of little brown coffee cup sleeves, or the irresistibly soft Snuggie.

What I do know is that lack of creativity is definitely not the problem. Ingenuity and originality is thriving among young people. As proof, take a look at Red Bull’s Flugtag event which recently took place in Bayfront Park. Talk about insane ideas, not to mention a fun and eye-opening experience.

My sister and best friend sat there in awe staring at people’s contraptions as one by one they attempted to take flight. Yet at the same time, we couldn’t stop thinking of the flying device we would construct for the next Flutag. We’ve got several themes already in the works. But the real question is will we actually follow through or will our ideas end up getting canned in a cemetery of thoughts that exists in our brains.

Perhaps the deciding factor is a la Nike; maybe the difference is those people just do it. They don’t over-think and sabotage their ideas. They muster up a mixture of inner conviction and self confidence in themselves to try something they believe would work and run with it, never doubting or looking back.

Looking at all the teams and characters that entered the race, reminded me that if you want something, you have to go after it. You just have to run through the ramp and believe with all your might you will take flight. And if you take a nose dive straight into the water, it’s OK because you are now at a further point than you were before you gathered the nerves to take that plunge.

Face it, the truth is we all have crazy ideas, and some of them are actually interesting, intelligent and legit. But our downfall is we don’t follow through. We expect things just to happen for us. And with that mentality, we’ll never be that person from our high-school class living off from a moment of sparked genius. Instead, we’ll end up being that kid who dreams of becoming a rock star but never once picks up a guitar to learn how to play.

By Cristina Jaramillo


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