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Cristina’s Corner

Senior Editor’s Message

I still remember my first day as an intern at OUTLOUD, which is why it’s crazy to me to think that this issue marks OUTLOUD’S 10TH Anniversary! I was in the office for barely 20 minutes when I was given a special assignment—pick up a stranded OUTLOUD writer from school and bring him back in time for the photo-shoot that would introduce OUTLOUD to the media. I knew from that instant that OUTLOUD would not be just another gig. I was so right.

We started off as a small group but we were ready to take on the world. We shared a deep passion for writing and a need to express ourselves on our own terms. OUTLOUD gave us a voice and forum to shout our thoughts, feelings, ideas, frustrations and concerns. We really didn’t know what we were doing half of the time but that was also what made it so fun and such a unique and rich learning experience.

Throughout these past 10 years, we’ve bonded over jam sessions where we discuss article ideas and upcoming issues, lived through inevitable computer crashes, survived late nights to meet print deadline, participated in countless Journalism Day events, attended concerts, delivered newspapers, distributed and promoted OUTLOUD to the community via our Street Team and so much more.

Throughout its 10 years, OUTLOUD has created a small, thriving community and connected a plethora of young writers, photographers, and artists over the years to one another.

We’ve also grown up together—we experienced 9/11, saw the beginning of the war in Iraq, and witnessed the election of the first African American President. Many of us graduated college and found ourselves in the middle of the economic recession without jobs. We saw MySpace come and go and Facebook take over the social scene. We became Apple-love struck and text messaging junkies. We brought the music industry to its knees and changed the way we purchase music. We saw the world come together as one to help the victims of Haiti and protested against BP’s slow action to remedy the worst oil spill in history.

Throughout its 10 years, OUTLOUD has created a small, thriving community and connected a plethora of young writers, photographers, and artists over the years to one another. I experienced this first hand the other night at a club. As I was weaving my way through the crowd to order a drink, a guy stopped me and asked if I was Cristina from OUTLOUD. I couldn’t believe it—it was one of our OUTLOUD photographers from about nine years ago. His name totally escaped me (Sorry Chris!) but I remembered his face instantly. We caught each other up on our respective lives and laughed reminiscing about OUTLOUD’s first years. He told me how great it had been to be part of OUTLOUD and to be given the chance to shoot big concerts next to professional photographers, which drove his best friend insanely jealous.

That night reminded me of the greatness of OUTLOUD. While to the rest of the world we may be a small independent newspaper, to OUTLOUDers everywhere, OUTLOUD is so much more! It gives young people the opportunity to take a dab at the art form of expression, and find or polish an existing talent not to mention create bonds that last a lifetime. Like six degrees to Kevin Bacon many of us can trace back our writing or photography roots to OUTLOUD.

At the end of my first day at OUTLOUD, I was happy to have successfully completed my first assignment. The stranded writer made it to the photo-shoot on time and I managed to finish my first day as an intern without stepping foot in a copy room. I couldn’t wait for day 2. Since then, I’ve had several different roles at OUTLOUD and at times have parted ways but always keep coming back.

As for the stranded writer, he no longer lives in Miami, but continues to be a great friend of mine (kudos Mike!)

Thanks to all our OUTLOUDers and loyal readers out there for the incredible friendships and memories over the years. Happy 10 Year Anniversary OUTLOUD!

By Cristina Jaramillo


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