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After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, my sisters and I decided to venture out to our first ever Black Friday. I know what you’re thinking, first time ever, how is that possible?! But the truth is that hitting the mall at wee hours of the morning has never really enticed me. This year, however, we decided to see first-hand what the hype was all about. Our night’s itinerary included Dolphin Mall, Kohl’s and Target.

It wasn’t even midnight, and there was a line of aggressive drivers with eager shoppers off the Turnpike exit for Dolphin Mall. Already I was thinking, are we having fun yet? By the frenzied people, you would think they were giving merchandise away for free! Like ants having a free-for-all at a picnic, masses of people in a trance entered through the Mall doors in search of sweet rewards.

As we continue to inch closer to the end of the month’s festivities, let’s remember what the holidays are really about: family, friends, and good times.

But my experience of Black Friday was anything but sweet. As a matter of fact, I vote for having the day changed to Grouch Friday. I’ve never seen such a crowd of grumpy, ill-humored people bunched together like that before. Register lines were of course worse than trying to get on Disney’s Space Mountain in the summer. Employees at the registers had panicked stricken faces and who could blame them…have you ever experienced the wrath of an angry Hispanic woman? I should know—I’m one of them! Well, multiply that by 1,000. Who wouldn’t be scared? It’s a miracle you didn’t see chancletas flying—which on a side note would actually make a pretty interesting Black Friday contest and a tradition mall owners should seriously consider next year. Ha! Now that would be a new take on the phrase “spreading holiday cheer.”

Walking through the mall and observing people, I couldn’t help but wonder, were these savings-obsessed vultures with glaring stares the same people who minutes ago enjoyed a family meal, recounted all their blessings and shared how grateful they were? What happened between dinner and the drive to the mall?

Black Friday is supposed to mark the beginning of the holiday season. Remember peace, love, and happiness? Let’s get things back into perspective: a sweater 40% off – which you are only going to wear two times a year in Miami anyway – is not that serious people! Material things are not worth killing each other or acquiring a self-induced ulcer. Plus from what I personally saw, the savings aren’t all that great to begin with. And here’s a little secret…Shhhh…there will be sales the entire month of December.

As we continue to cinch closer to the end of the month’s festivities, let’s remember what the holidays are really about: family, friends, and good times. Half-off size 7 shoes at DSW would be nice, but this year all I want for Christmas is sanity in Miami! Happy Holidays all!


By Cristina Jaramillo


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