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Rachel Goodrich

The Stage

Design District, Miami, FL
March 25, 2011

Miami misses Rachel Goodrich. There was a time when the Magic City took for granted the friendly kazoo playing brunette and seeing Goodrich at Churchill’s on a random Wednesday night became as commonplace as the sunshine and mid-afternoon showers. Somewhere along the way we forgot that our better musicians inevitably sign record contracts, go on tour, and leave for more appreciative cities. And so Miami lost Rachel Goodrich a few months ago when she left for LA.

We didn’t feel betrayed, angry, or jealous, just a little empty; but like all things you love, when it comes back, you’re more than happy to welcome it with open arms.

Goodrich played her first Miami homecoming concert at The Stage on March 25th. This time, Miami seemed to appreciate her more than ever before. The venue was packed up to two hours before the show. The usually airy, open club seemed a bit claustrophobic, quite different from the last Goodrich show I attended which drew maybe 25 people… and that’s being generous.

As soon as she stepped behind the mic, flashed a quick smile, and broke into “Excuses Excuses” it felt like old times, but something seemed different. Goodrich, backed by a bassist and drummer referred to as “The Muppets,” seemed more composed and fluid than ever before. It seems that branching away from her musical home has allowed her to grow and progress as a musician.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night, was her new song “Just Like You,” which had an eerie resemblance to the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane,” definitely a different sound for Goodrich.

Midway through the set, Goodrich played the classic “Dope Song;” nobody makes buying drugs quite as cheery and catchy as her. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the new song “Just Like You,” which had an eerie resemblance to the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane,” definitely a different sound for Goodrich. She’s even ditched the ukele in favor of an electric guitar. When closing with “Monster Mash,” Goodrich ripped out a quality solo while bending at the knees and throwing around her hair like a female Kurt Cobain.

Throughout the night, Goodrich took time in between songs to tell the crowd how much she missed the Miami music scene. She even threw the word “bro” around a few times, just to remind everyone that she can still speak Miamian.

When the short set finished, the time seemed to have flown by, soon Goodrich would be gone again. This time Miami let go reluctantly, not knowing if or when she might return; but from the sound of it, it seems like she might have missed Miami just as much as they missed her.


Review and Photos by Adam McCormick


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