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The Glitch Mob

with Phantogram and Com Truise

Revolution Live
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
July 12, 2011

Intoxicated by cigarettes fumes, astonishing sculptured lighting on stage, and the crowd blaring and dancing with glow sticks to the beat of Glitch Mob’s rapture was an invigorating experience. The three-piece electronic duo enthralled fans with their chosen equipment, laptops and MIDI controllers.

The Glitch Mob has a unique eminence due to their mix of reverb, trip- hop and tribal beats. I could feel my heart thump to every drum beat as I raised my hands in the air and clapped along with the crowd. I lost myself as the glaring lights from the stage distorted my vision. It was a mind-boggling experience.

Though Com Truise spinning did not have the same affect on the crowd, he did pump them up for New York natives, Phantogram.

Anticipating their arrival to Florida I was mesmerized by the band’s sultry yet experimental melody with synthesizers and Sarah Barthel’s breathless vocals. The group did not disappoint as they performed songs from their EP Eyelid Movies that included “Futuristic Casket” and “Mouthful Of Diamonds.”

Phantogram’s sound is rather mellow, but what’s so great about this is that they aren’t worried about coming off uncanny with their sound. Their songs can start off sweet before rapidly emerging as frightening and depressing. Their presentation of “When I’m Small” sounded better live than on the album. Barthel banged her fingers against an electronic keyboard as she belted her angelic voice into the microphone with the lyric, “I would rather die than to be with you.”

I’ve gained a new respect for the genre of experimental and electronic music, it can touch you on so many levels and open your mind to a world you never knew existed. For a couple of hours I was able to forget my troubles and lose myself in a sea of beautiful illumination and eclectic artists.

Review and Photos by Leah S. Pritchett

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