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Rock The Bells 2011

Rock the Bells featuring Artofficial, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Mobb Deep

The Fillmore

Miami Beach, FL

September 13, 2011

It seems as if though the popularity of hip-hop from artists such as Wu-Tang and Aceyalone has died in Miami. Perhaps it’s the lack of interest in authentic music from our favorite rappers selling out to mainstream media. However, it seems to be working out since Rock The Bells rolls around every year and there seems to be no issue with filling up any venue the tour touches. Then again, who wouldn’t appreciate hip-hop’s greatest acts: Mobb DeepGhostface Killah andRaekwon?

Opening up the show were Miami natives, Artofficial. They engaged the crowd by throwing down a mighty performance that was relative to the roots and music that matches the soul of more well known hip hop groups. Despite Artofficial being the softer edge of the night, they were able to fit in with these heavy hitters. They played a saxophone on stage which enticed the crowd into pleading for more. Artofficial’s jazz influence is what allows their music to flow.

Following were Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, some of hip-hop’s most influential artists who belong to an even bigger group that most know as Wu-Tang ClanRaekwonand Ghostface Killah were about to perform Only Built for Cuban Linx in its entirety, but snuck in a couple extra songs in honor of Cappadonna, a longtime friend of the guys who made a surprise appearance and just set the crowd wild, without a doubt it added to this epic performance.

Finally, Mobb Deep appeared on stage performing his critically acclaimed album The Infamous in its entirety. The crowd was oddly silent for the start of Deep’s set, perhaps for its sluggish start. Then suddenly he had the fans swinging their hands in the air screaming for more by performing the classics “Cradle to the Grave” and “Shoot Ones PT II,” bringing fans back to the earlier years.

Rock The Bells has not lost its authenticity, since this time around they brought influential artists that have shaped today’s hip-hop scene.

Review and Photos by Juan Hernandez

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