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I must admit, I’m guilty. I live in my own carefully crafted little world, one which has taken me years to build, and which is still a work-in-progress. I often get so self-absorbed and focused on my life that I pay little attention to anything further than a 5 mile radius and if you happen to fall within my peripheral vision, you might as well not be there.

I go about every day, thinking that I have all the time in the world to change what I’m not happy with but often do to little to improve anything. I just always think, “Oh well, I’ll get to it tomorrow.” We always think we have time, don’t we? It’s our ‘youth-right’.

But as we’ve all been brutally reminded, we could not be more wrong. I went to sleep one night, and woke up the next day to images of the horrific tragedy in Japan. To say it shook me to my core is an understatement. Listening to the details of individuals’ stories put me face-to-face with my own mortality. I wonder how many of those un-lucky thousands, thought they would ‘take care of it tomorrow’?

My heart and prayers go out to Japan—to its survivors and leaders trying to rebuild a nation undergoing so much pain and loss. I urge all of you to please help by making a monetary donating towards relief efforts or even volunteering your time with the vast local charities currently organizing events geared to help survivors.

Let’s do our part todayTomorrow is full of uncertainty. We have to live with intensity and purpose and realize that we don’t live in individually wrapped little worlds. All of our lives are interconnected which is why it is so important we help one another and be grateful for the gift of life, for nothing is a guarantee.

Help is as easy as sending a text message! Here are just a few of the many organizations where you can donate:

  • The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross are among the groups accepting $10 donations via text message. To donate to the Salvation Army, text “Japan’’ or “Quake’’ to 80888. Text “RedCross’’ to 90999 to donate to its fund set up in response to the disaster.

  • To donate $10 to World Vision, a humanitarian agency that focuses on helping children and families, Text 4JAPAN to 20222.

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