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Vice & Virtue’s Debut Show

Vice & Virtues

Aug 4, 2012 

Solid Sound Studios
Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach prepared to feel the earth underground shake when Vice & Virtue owned the night for their debut comeback. The show boiled up with support from bands such as Visions, and Stranded At Sea, only to erupt when Vice & Virtue took the stage. And as supporting fans started to fill up Solid Sound Studios, the ground began to tremble.

With techies preparing sound check, band members unloading instruments, and everyone lounging around waiting, the time came down to a quarter to seven. Visions should be setting up to play any minute. But with none of the members walking around Solid Sound, it was being questioned how late the band would be, if they would be attending at all. Closely as the hour struck eight, Visions’ guitarist, Jordan Webb, runs into the room with his instrument case, drenched in sweat. The other members enter in the same fashion, with an unmistakable gleam in their eyes. It was shortly discovered that Visions had just played another show at Rocketown, in Pompano Beach, minutes before their set at Solid Sound would begin. When the guys finally took the stage and their time to shine sparked, their energy was not short of through the roof. The momentum of just playing a successful show minutes before certainly kept up with them. The vocals from Alan Rivas were as pleasurable to the ear as Jordan Webb’s riffs were to mosh to. “Even though we rushed to Solid Sound and we were exhausted, we still played our hearts out”, explained Webb. The double booked predicament actually proved positive on the band’s part. Visions is undoubtedly a band with much ambition and will to be known in South Florida, and it seems there is nothing these band of guys can’t accomplish.

Next to the stage is one of the South’s most favored bands. Stranded At Sea was clearly full of pride, American pride that is. Every member wore stars and stripes to show their love for our country just in time for the Olympics. Being known to put on the best shows, every guy and girl in the room stood up in front of the stage. The atmosphere instantly felt heavy with enthusiasm from both the audience and the band when the first bass drop rattled the floor.

Wil Lanagan got the moshing started with one hold of a chilling scream. Alongside him, Branden Martin’s light and waterfall like vocals bounced from wall to ceiling to floor. Craze was seen in the faces of both Martin and the crowd when he reached in to have them sing into the microphone. If anyone knows how to put on one of the most engaging shows, it’s Stranded At Sea. When the set ended, the audience gave a roaring applause to the sweating and huffing band. Even when the guys unplugged their amps and cased up their guitars, the excitement still hung in the air. Stranded At Sea never seems to disappoint, anytime, anywhere.

With the love and anticipation bottled up to the point of eruption, Vice & Virtue made their way to the stage, if not a moment too soon. While the turnout was much better than they had hoped for, the intensity surely overpowered the size of the crowd. The passion seen in the faces of the audience by the band really inspired them. “Everyone was moving, everyone was jumping, everyone was dancing, smiling, it was beautiful.” The air ways were tore open by the stream of hair raising vocals from Nicholas Scott. To complement, Alex English’s drumming patterns sent everyone to their feet. “People weren’t only listening to our music, they were feeling it, and that’s what we’re all about.” Vice & Virtue were definitely not disappointed on the night of their debut show. It was a comeback not even the band themselves would have expected. Fans can certainly hope for more of Vice & Virtue to shut down the show and blow off the rooftops. “It was a beautiful moment for us and we will remember it for the rest of our lives. We can’t wait to do it all again.”

The night at Solid Sound Studios did not let anyone who attended leave unsatisfied. Everyone left with a tasteful ring in their ears and a heart filled with newfound love for all the bands. Pompano Beach felt the power of the music, and it was received almost so effortless.


Review and Photos by Erin Carmona

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