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Minorities Becoming the Majority


For the first time in U.S. history, most of the nation’s babies are members of minority groups. Population estimates show that about 50.4 percent of children younger than one- year old last year were Hispanic, Black, Asian, or other minorities. According to the new census, minorities will most likely become the new majority by the year 2042. This has actually already happened in some parts of the country, such as California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Texas, and D.C.

One of the biggest changes in the United States is the median age of ethnic groups. Today, whites are considered the oldest group in the nation.

Many whites are now past the age when they would normally begin building a family. Their median age is over 42, whereas the median age for minorities is between 28 and early 30s. It is not surprising that the number of white children born over the last few years has dropped while the number of minority babies has risen.

The continuation of this baby boom is not certain since immigration has begun to slowdown. Many immigrants may be moving back to their homeland due to the economy’s current state. However, this will not prevent the transformation of the nation’s ethnic makeup. It will only delay it. Once the economy returns, so will the immigrants.

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