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Can’t decide what to watch today? Check these out!


I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006)

Directed by Chan-wook Park

Young-goon (Su-jeong Lim) is placed in a psychiatric ward for convincing herself that she is a cyborg. On her first day there she is taken around the ward by another patient who likes to make up stories about why everyone is there. Eventually, Young-goon meets Il-sun (Rain), another patient who believes he can steal people’s souls and talents. He causes the biggest commotions at their group therapies because people really believe he has stolen their special abilities, like being able to walk backwards and their ability to apologize. When Young-goon hears of this she begs him to steal her sympathy. Sympathy, as we learn, is one of the seven deadly sins for cyborgs, along with with sadness, restlessness, hesitating, useless daydreaming, feeling guilty, and thankfulness. Young-goon also decides to give up food because cyborgs do not eat. Instead she gets her energy by licking batteries and charging herself with electronic devices, with whom she also holds conversations throughout the movie. Young-goon is warned that if she does not eat she will die. The man who steals souls takes it upon himself to save Young-goon.




Melancholia (2011)

Directed by Lars von Trier

This is a film about a woman who obviously has a mental disorder, one which has been straining her relationship with her family and fiancé for some time now. Her relationship with her sister Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is made even worse when a new planet threatens to collide with Earth and there is no hope for salvation. Justine (Kirsten Dunst) is constantly depressed throughout the movie, losing touch with reality and finding herself unable to connect with those around her. Surprisingly, she tells Claire that she is calm even though she knows there is no escape from the impending doom. This angers and frustrates Claire. She simply cannot understand how anyone could be calm in a situation like this. Although this film received great reviews, it is not a film for everyone. Some may find it boring or even a waste of time. However, it’s worth a try if you’re into doom and depression.



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