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The Walking Dead

Do your Facebook feeds get filled up every Sunday with zombie-themed posts? Do your friends not know how to shut up about the crazy zombie killing they just witnessed on TV?

AMC’s The Walking Dead has become one of the greatest social events on television. Its popularity has risen so much that the show now has its own Facebook game. The Walking Dead Social Game gives you the option to play against your friends, who can become zombies and try to kill you. There is also a video game, which was picked as Editor’s Choice and got an 8.5 rating on IGN. This game lets you play as convicted criminal Lee Everett who gets a second chance of life while battling zombies and protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine.

But the best part is that you can now experience the world of the undead for yourself. The zombies of The Walking Dead get to roam free at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

The Walking Dead’s popularity has also influenced many other events. Some cities offer a zombie vs survivor obstacle course. In England, you can even fight zombies in an abandoned shopping mall as you and your friends try to escape without getting turned into a zombie yourself.

Why has this show gotten so popular, even with those that have never read the comic book? Apart from the awesome storyline, it may be because it fits in with the apocalyptic state of mind the world seems to have been stuck in lately. With the whole 2012 freakout, it’s hard not to wonder what life would be like if humans started dying out. Plus, people are just tired of vampires. They’re everywhere. How glad are you that Twilight will (hopefully) finally die after this last movie? This is the first time zombies have really shined and luckily for The Walking Dead, their audience is a passionate one.  In fact, the finale to the second season is now the most-watched episode in history. How awesome is that?

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by Juniette Fiore

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