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Man Travels to All 201 Countries Without Flying

Many of us dream of traveling the globe, but who has actually had the time and resources to see all of it?

Graham Hughes started his 1,426-day journey on New Year’s-day 2009. He visited all 201 ‘countries,’ including Vatican City, Kosovo, and Western Sahara – just to name a few. The amazing part is that the entire journey was by train, bus, taxi, and ship. This means that Hughes has now created a new Guinness World Record.

Some of the highlights include swimming in a lake of jellyfish in Palau and dancing with the jungle tribes of Papua New Guinea.

Hughes says that many were wondering how exactly he would get to countries we label as “dangerous,” such as Iraq or North Korea. However, they were surprisingly easy. “You don’t even need a visa to Iraq, you just walk across from the border in Turkey,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “The tough ones were… island countries where there were also pirates.”

He was arrested for six days in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who believed he was a spy. He was also arrest in Cape Verde the moment he arrived.

There were many times when he just wanted to give up and go home, especially when his sister passed away due to cancer. She pushed him to finish his goal no matter what.

Hughes has been charting his progress on The Odyssey Expedition.

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