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Newtown Massacre Leads to Gun Control Debate

Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old shooter, shot and killed his mother before driving to the school. He carried hundreds of rounds of ammunition in extra clips and shot his victims repeatedly, killing himself afterward.

The Newtown massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School has led the world to once again consider stricter gun control laws.

In the United States, the National Rifle Association said it was willing to offer meaningful contributions to prevent similar massacres. This is the same association that uses political pressure against lawmakers to loosen constraints on gun sales and ownership. They also promote hunting and other gun sports in the United States.

Republicans have started a national debate on gun control in hopes that the United States would consider new federal restrictions.

Some use the argument that the U.S. has the highest civilian gun ownership rate in the world, but they forget that this is also a large country. The right to bear arms is protected by the constitution and fiercely defended by many.

Countries around the world have changed their gun control laws through the years. Stricter laws, such as limited gun ownership to those with genuine need or sport shooters, have been shown to reduce the rates of gun shootings. However, if someone wants to kill they will find a way to do it. In the U.K., for example, banning handguns led to even more gun crime in the first four years. Norway also has strict gun ownership laws, but Anders Behring Breivik still found a way to shoot 69 people.

So what can we do about the gun culture in the United States? We must change the country’s mindset. Violence here is so acceptable that it leads to desensitization and some to devalue human life.  And yet, sex and sexuality is still taboo subjects here. Instead of focusing on repressing our citizens we should be changing their way of thinking. Forcing our citizens to hand over the firearms they already own and remain unprotected will never work in this country. Stricter laws would have still have to respect the Constitution.

Of course, there is no guarantee that a massacre will never happen again, but changing the violence culture in the United States, and around the world, will certainly reduce the risk.

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