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Reading News Like Old Generation

Generation Y, now known as Millenials, is seen as a tough crowd to reach. Many think that it is impossible to get younger adults off their phone long enough to read the news.  However, the Pew Research Center found that Millenials don’t just use their phones for texting.

Many young adults actually use their tablets and smartphones to read news at nearly the same rates as those in their 30s and 40s. In fact, 30 – 50% of almost every demographic (except seniors!) use their phones and tablets to read news.

Still, older demographics believe that since we have had use of the Internet and social media for a big part of our lives then the only way to reach us is to amaze us with images and videos.  Sure, some of us like using twitter as a sort of news feed, but the majority of us prefer a print-like experience – even if it is on our tablets. So as it turns out, seniors who haven’t made the jump from print are the unique demographic here.

The Pew study also found that men are more likely to read longer articles while women are more likely to use social media, which makes sense since women in general are more willing to share with others than men are. Surprisingly, it turns out that although everyone likes watching videos, non-whites are more likely to watch them and to click on ads than any other demographic. However, news is still preferred in a newspaper-like format than in a video. It’s much easier to skim over an article than have to go back and forth in a video to get to the part you really want to see. Generation Y is not so impossible to reach after all.

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