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Leah opens your mind and ears to eclectic musicians around the globe. From signed to unsigned and obscure towns to big cities, this column catches music missed by the mainstream media. So pick up your headphones and take a leap into an invigorating journey that will keep you on the tip of your toes and ears.


Kate Bush

Alternative Rock – UK – Signed It’s disappointing when you come across true talent that should have been recognized for their efforts years ago. Kate Bush is one of those. I can only thank my friend for recommending her. I am completely infatuated with this woman. Bush’s voice is angelic and eerie. It goes perfectly when playing Alice: Madness Returns on my Xbox. Her vocals lend to the magical darkness of evil tea pots and slimy demons. It seems that Bush has been an influence for many musicians since English band, Placebo covered her song, “Running Up that Hill,” and Marina & the Diamonds emulate her extreme high to low vocal vibratos. At 54 Bush is still producing mind-boggling tunes. I suggest listening to “Babooshka” or “Coffee Homeground” to get your feet wet. To fall down the rabbit’s hole, jump to


Electro-Pop – Sweden – Signed Have you ever heard a song that made you feel exposed? Faye’s “Breathe Out” does. Her vulnerable lyrics and soothing vocals releases the stress and tension I can easily build up in a day. There have been plenty of times when I lay in a bubble bath, sipping on wine, candles burning and eyes closed listening to this tune on repeat. Before her solo career Faye was in a pop band call PLAY, but nothing compares to her solo work. This fiery red head is one to be on the lookout for in 2013. Mark my words. To feel exposed, visit   [author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Leah Pritchett is an editor, radio DJ host, and publicist for OUTLOUD Multimedia. She’s a First Player Shooter junkie, hair dye addict, beer lover, Buffyverse extremist and a scream queen at heart, always looking for raw talent to expose to the world. Leah has been working with OUTLOUD for the past six years. With an array of columns and an eye for chic, she created the OUTLOUD Street Team: a full force squad that promotes OUTLOUD at events including comic conventions and music festivals. Are you an aritist looking to be heard? E-mail and follow her on twitter @Leah_Pritchett.[/author_info] [/author]

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