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Leah opens your mind and ears to eclectic musicians around the globe. From signed to unsigned and obscure towns to big cities, this column catches music missed by the mainstream media. So pick up your headphones and take a leap into an invigorating journey that will keep you on the tip of your toes and ears.




Indie Rock- U.K.-Signed

Infectious beats, hypnotic vocals and profound lyrics equal Alt-J. There is absolutely nothing like this band. Every time I listen to Fitzpleasure, from their album “An Awesome Wave,” I enter into an alternate universe, spellbound by every thump and strum. I’ve caught a couple of live performances on Youtube and I was blown away. How could this band possibly be better live? I can say, without a doubt, Alt-J will be 2013’s break out band. They’ll contaminate each and every one of us, in a good way of course.

To taint your soul visit



Electronic- Canada- Signed


As to how I overlooked this girl is beyond me. This eccentric 24-year-old was recommended to me just hours ago by a friend. I was left so awestruck that I had to re-write this column just to fit her in. The funky Canadian already has three albums out, each enthralling and refreshing. Her latest album “Visions” might just be my favorite album. Listen to Circumambient and all your senses will be tickled. Oddly enough this song is great when waiting in line at the grocery store. You’ll catch yourself busting a move or two.


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[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Leah Pritchett is an editor, radio DJ host, and publicist for OUTLOUD Multimedia. She’s a First Player Shooter junkie, hair dye addict, beer lover, Buffyverse extremist and a scream queen at heart, always looking for raw talent to expose to the world. Leah has been working with OUTLOUD for the past six years. With an array of columns and an eye for chic, she created the OUTLOUD Street Team: a full force squad that promotes OUTLOUD at events including comic conventions and music festivals. Are you an aritist looking to be heard? E-mail and follow her on twitter @Leah_Pritchett.[/author_info] [/author]

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