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Harpeth Rising at Luna Star Cafe


Harpeth Rising

Luna Star Café

Miami, FL

February 18, 2013

Luna Star Cafe was packed more than usual on this particular Monday as Harpeth audience members gathered in droves to see some new aged bluegrass.

Casually, the four band members strode up to the stage: The angelic and soulful Jordana Greenberg (violin and vocals), Mr.Cool himself Chris Burgess (percussion), shredding banjo player Rebecca Reed-Lunn (banjo and vocals) and the gorgeous, talented Maria Di Meglio (cello). Jordanna introduced herself and the band and they broke into song.

Jordanna’s sonorous voice and graceful violin playing were immediate, but coupled with Rebecca Reed’s harmony and frenetic banjo skills make Harpeth seem more like a rock band and less like a folk/bluegrass outfit.

After playing “Evil Eye,” Jordanna explained the meaning behind their next ode which was a tribute to protesters they had seen on their travels. These protesters were envisioned as patriots and heroes. The lyrics “Let’s rid the world of hatred, just kill everyone we hate,” brought me back to my days as a member of Occupy Miami and the terrible irony that we faced. Knowing full well that we would more than likely get arrested, we fought an uphill battle against an enemy fueled by intimidation and greed.

After hearing their angelic music, I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy and felt a sense of pride that only comes with fighting for freedom nonviolently. If a medieval band were to sing of my adventures in occupy, they would have a hard time making it more relatable than “Nowhere Land.”


Then the band played “Tough as Nails” (a love song for a Toyota Corolla).  Listening to their song about the misadventures they had in this particular car, I couldn’t help but think of my little car. After listening to their David and Goliath story of the Corolla taking the band across treacherous terrain without breaking down, I began to see my two-seater 1997 Honda in a different light. After two hundred thousand miles and having my mechanic glue my engine back together, she gets me everywhere unharmed.

What more could you as for? I left the cafe with a sense of vigor and enlightenment of the artistic and cultural value of bluegrass. Harpeth Rising: living true to their motto of live long and rock on.


OUTLOUD Interview with Harpeth Rising from OutLoud Multimedia on Vimeo.

By Ryan Hackland

Photos by Mike Hernandez

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