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Fall Out Boy is Back!

IMG_5080000Fall Out Boy & New Politics

The Fillmore
Miami Beach, FL

June 5, 2013

After a three-year indefinite hiatus, Fall Out Boy has returned, and they’re better than ever. The June 5th show sold out almost immediately after going on sale. Everyone was ready to finally watch the band they never thought they’d see again. Fans bolted through the doors to claim the best possible spots.

The anxious crowd was warmed up by Danish band New Politics. I wasn’t quite sure why this indie/alternative/dance rock band was opening for Fall Out Boy, but I couldn’t complain. The band was fun and extremely energetic. Lead Singer David Boyd bounced and danced around the stage. Halfway through their set, Boyd took a minute to show off his break-dancing skills, finished with a hand-stand before grabbing the mic again.

After a surprisingly quick set change, the lights dimmed and the audience erupted in screams. With the opening riff of “Thriller,” the large sheet covering the stage tore back and the band was revealed. It was official: Fall Out Boy was back. For anyone that has seen Fall Out Boy before, especially after their last tour, it was obvious that they were doing better than ever. Even their old songs had more energy.

The 20 song set was a nice mix of their last four albums and a sprinkling of songs from Take This To Your Grave.  Halfway through the set, the band took a break to sing Happy Birthday to bassist Pete Wentz, with the whole crowd joining along. Returning to their set, the room was never without the accompaniment of the crowd. When their oldie-but-goodie “Grand Theft Autumn/Where is your Boy” came on, the crowd gained new life. Fall Out Boy’s return was inspiring, powerful, and everything a long-tome fan could have hoped for.

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