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Leah opens your mind and ears to eclectic musicians around the globe. From signed to unsigned and obscure towns to big cities, this column catches music missed by the mainstream media. So pick up your headphones and take a leap into an invigorating journey that will keep you on the tip of your toes and ears.



shewantsrevengeShe Wants Revenge

Goth Rock- California- Signed

Cruising down i95, late at night, with my windows down, I blast my speakers to She Wants Revenge. I nod my head to the beat of my favorite tune “Tear You Apart.” Though these California natives are on an “indefinite hiatus” I can’t seem to get enough. What I like to consider “Goth rock,” has fulfilled my darkest hours. Justin Warfield’s vocals are chilling, spine wrecking and hypnotizing. I close my eyes and cast imagery spells on almost everyone. If you want to dance under the full moon or burn some sage for a cleansing, I propose you do it to the melody of She Wants Revenge.






Indie Pop- New York- Signed

I glance into my bathroom mirror as I am getting ready to go out with a potential lover. As I admire myself an unfamiliar tune plays on my computer. “I still think of you and all the s*** you put me through…and I know you were wrong.” I gaze a little longer at myself and start dancing to the harmony. I found my new anthem. MSMR, pronounced Miz Mister, has become my latest obsession.  Lizzy Plapinger soulful voice captivates me as her vocals lend to the heart-wrenching lyrics this band generates. The music is universal and true. The epic drums and piano touches make their debut album, Secondhand Rapture my album and band of the year. Just broke up or finally over your ex? I’d rip some teddy bears while listening to MSMR.




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  1. Robert

    Wicked column! Thanks for always introducing me to new music. Soon I am going to have to buy my a new iPod because I don’t have enough space!!!!


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