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A Great Big World at Fontainebleau

Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino

A Great Big World

Miami Beach, FL

Jan. 24, 2014

The guys from A Great Big World were having a good week heading into their Friday show at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Their new album, “Is There Anybody Out There,” dropped a few days prior, and, the Fontainebleau crowd, a small, but intimate group of fans, would be among the first to hear the new album live.

Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino shared the stage with an array of bright LED lights: purples, reds and blues (which seemed to be part of Fontainebleau’s notable LIV nightclub).

Nonetheless, the duo’s style was nothing flashy, but rather, a mix of smooth vocals and a light use of instruments.  They described the creative process for the songs on their album’s track list before playing them, like “Everyone Is Gay,” a tribute to, a website dedicated to helping Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender youth.

The the crowd would, perhaps surprisingly, sing along with the lyrics. Not bad for an album that had only been out for 72 hours.

Axel and Vaccarino alternated solos with certain songs. At times, it would be just Vaccarino with a microphone and guitar, no band, or Axel and his digital piano.

The guys powered through soft tracks like “Cheer Up,” which was almost all Axel, as Vaccarino “played” the triangle (And by played I mean he tapped it about three times). Axel was then at it again, all alone up on stage, for “Say Something,” the hit track that features Christina Aguilera’s legendary vocals.

“We wrote this song like four years ago, and, we felt so alone when we wrote it,” Axel said before starting the piano.

A Great Big World

“Not anymore!” a fan screamed.

Much like the music video, Axel and his piano did all the magic, as the crowd mouthed the lyrics, with recording smartphones in hand.

The band then walked back onstage for the “Glee” featured track “This Is The New Year,” once again keeping consistent with their smooth, optimistic brand of music.

A Great Big World played their entire 13-song album in 90 minutes and their chemistry was strong for their first Miami Show.

Written and photographed by Anthony Cave

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