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ANIMATE! Miami 2014


Miami Airport Convention Center
Miami, FL

January 17 – 19, 2014

Animate Miami is an anime convention that is hosted by the same staff that helps create Florida Supercon in Miami, Florida. Unlike Supercon, which has a focus on everything pop culture related, Animate shifts concentration to anime and gaming.

The biggest and most exciting aspect about Animate Miami for attendees this year was the presence of the SyFy show “Heroes of Cosplay” shooting some of the festivities for the show. Everyone at the convention had the chance to possibly show up on the show while walking through the convention halls and the Dealer’s Room. Popular personalities from the show such as cosplayer Yaya Han brought some attention to the crew shooting footage for Heroes of Cosplay.

Some of the better parts of the convention came from both the Dealer’s Room and the Game Room in the upstairs area of the convention center. In the Dealer’s Room attendees could find all sorts of items related to anime and/or gaming, including rare collectibles and replicas that would be harder to find anywhere else. The Game Room offered hours of entertainment for anyone looking to get away from panels and the Dealer’s Room. Not only were attendees able to freely play on various consoles, but they were also able to check out different pinball and arcade machines. There were a few more rooms devoted to table-top gaming that allowed trading-card enthusiasts to duel each other, as well as trade some of their most valuable cards.

Animate Miami 2014 provided fun for those who have an affinity for anime and gaming. There were opportunities for attendees to meet voice actors from popular shows and games. If you are curious about the world of anime or anything related to video games, Animate Miami is a great place to get exposed to the better aspects of both.

Written by Jakejames Lugo
Photos by Leah Pritchett

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