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New Politics at Culture Room

New Politics

New Politics

New Politics

Culture Room
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

January 19, 2014

The Culture Room, home to hundreds of rising and established artists from all over the world, brought a new set of music to the stage on this memorably chilly evening.

I arrived to see a line stretching from the front door to the street. It was nearly an entire block. I anxiously waited to be let in.

SleeperAgent opened up the show to eager fans. I was pleasantly surprised to see a male and female lead vocalist duo. The soft, melodic flow of the overlapping vocals and tranquil background riffs set an enchanting mood for the crowd. Disco lights embellished the room, adding life to their set. Their half-hour set was filled with music of exquisite variety, convincing me that SleeperAgent is worthy of the audience it built up.

After a short break, a group called Magic Man took over the stage. This band, different in style from SleeperAgent, still brought a mellow environment to the crowd. I enjoyed the instrumentals and gentle male voice.  I caught the name of one song, “Paris,” which promoted clean vocals to a slow drum beat and light cymbal crashes in the background. The fans screamed as vocalist Alex Caplow approached the audience and reached down multiple times to shake hands with them. The audience clapped to the beat, enticing Caplow to sing louder and louder to their fans.

Magic Man Exited the stage. The venue was completely packed, waiting as the time approached for New Politics to rock this crowd. There was a lot of fist pumping as the songs by New Politics seemed anthem-like. I felt every bit of energy from David Boyd and Soren Hansen, who interchanged vocal roles.

New Politics

New Politics at Culture Room

They kept the audience jumping and screaming throughout their set. There was also a small surprise. The singer split open the pit to create a small dance floor for him to break dance to their own music. They closed the set with “Harlem,” a song I caught myself singing along to.

Overall, this was a brand new experience that I was glad to have had. Three very different groups reprising various roles and portraying multiple skill sets is always awe-inspiring. I know these guys will make it big. I hope to catch them again when they come back to the South.



Written by Joseph Martinez
Photos by Ashleigh Ahern

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