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After a summer of OUTLOUD Radio, we are now embarking on our new project, OUTLOUD Podcast. Our podcast will be produced and available for download every week. Hosted by Mike and Leah this podcast will cover trending topics in news and entertainment for young adults.


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Some musicians and bands explode into the public consciousness with a flare of excellence but just as quickly disappear. Irish self-taught singer/songwriter Damien Nash hopes to make the same impact but has more long-term ambitions. Hailing from Dundalk in the north-east of Ireland, Damien has been learning and writing music for the past ten years. Through dedication, hard-work and no little talent he has patiently developed his unique identifying sound and when he performs he exudes a confidence in his ability that leaves listeners asking “where did HE come from?”-


“Damien Nash’s lyrics are catchy and at times heart wrenching. His vocals make you want to lie on your sofa, wrapped in a sweater on a rainy night with a glass of wine. His talent is truly something to relish.” -Leah S. Pritchett


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