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The American Dream Tour

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Issues, and LetLive

Revolution Live
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

February 4th, 2014

Revolution Live has exploded lately with some extravagant, hardcore events, but so far, none compares to The American Dream Tour. The line of fans circled the parking lot four times around, reaching the main intersection. The entire entrance of the venue was barricaded to prevent the eager fans from launching themselves at the passing artists. The fans would scream as they caught glimpses of members of the bands passing by, happily waving, even I caught a handshake from Oliver Sykes, the singer of Bring Me the Horizon.

The doors eventually opened and in small groups, we were allowed in. Issues took the stage first, gracing us with a variety of singing and screaming vocals between two frontmen. I was taken aback at the glorious flow between the two vocalists, thoroughly impressed at how the instruments would change from heavy to light depending on which vocalist dominated the microphone. “Stingray Affliction,” “Hooligans,” and a new single, “Never Lose Your Flames” were some of the hits. I must say, Issues has what it takes to make it in this scene.

Up next was LetLive. Jason Butler, their singer, swept the stage like a tornado. The tranquil vocalist displayed a new sense of energy as he jumped, skipped, threw himself, and rolled across the stage! Jason’s screams were from another world, and I can say I’ve heard lots of high-pitch screaming in my time, but this man brought it to a whole new dimension. Their sound was a bit rough, with repetitive riffs and music style, but overall they were enjoyable to see in concert.

After their set, the audience of nearly 1,600 cheered and chanted “Mice and Men! Mice and Men!” The crowd melted as OM&M destroyed the venue opening with “Bones Exposed,” their latest single. Austin Carlisle is famous for his lyrical creativity, stage presence, and above all, his lungs. Carlisle can scream for extremely long periods of time as evident in songs like “O.G. Loko,” and “Second and Sebring.” Their performance was outstanding, and definitely one of the liveliest sets I’ve ever had the honor to witness.

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon

Now, I thought I’d seen anticipation, but I’ve never seen a more excited crowd than I did for Bring Me The Horizon. All the way from Yorkshire, the British band proved to be a sight worth seeing many times over. Oliver Sykes projected his vocals amongst hundreds of screaming fans, who chanted through famous songs like “Diamonds are Forever,” “Go to Hell For Heaven’s Sake,” and my personal favorite, “Shadow Moses.” Pressurized smoke erupted from the floor of the stage as the heaviest breakdowns shook the ground, filling the entire venue with smoke and displays of light. The fans begged for an encore at the end of their set, and they pleased the crowd with “Blessed With A Curse,” and what may be their most popular song, “Sleepwalking.” The entire band was a spectacle, but frontman Oliver stole the show with his voice echoing through every fans soul.

I was lucky enough to be up front throughout the entire show. It was the perfect view of the memorable experience I had at The American Dream Tour.

Written and photographed by Joseph Martinez

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