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Miami Hurricon 2014

Miami Hurricon 2014

Miami Airport Convention Center
Miami, FL

April 19, 2014

Photos and review by Jakejames Lugo

Miami Hurricon is a free anime focused convention that took place this year at the Miami Airport Convention Center. Hosted and organized by the University of Miami Anime Club, the convention sported a bigger venue to bring together anime enthusiasts from all over South Florida. Hurricon this year also showcased more special guests and festivities for con-goers to dive into for a whole Saturday. Those in attendance were in for a real good time.

The Dealers Room for Hurricon was not as large as other conventions that have taken place at the Miami Airport Convention Center. Although small, it contained various vendors that had plenty of neat collectibles for con-goers to browse over and buy. The real draw for the convention however was the guest in attendance, which included such personalities as Lucien Dodge, Aaron Pabon, and Max Giraldi. Different panels of all kinds of topics populated the halls of the convention center throughout the day, with some being hosted by some of the con’s special guests. There was plenty of variety for panels going on consecutively that could cater to anyone who wished to see something different from one area or another.

The Costume Contest for Hurricon did showcase some great outfits from a few cosplayers who attended for the day. Outfits that took inspiration from across various anime series, videogames, and manga could be seen all along the hallways of Hurricon. And while many cosplayers competed and were judged, only the winners were showcased on stage during the contest’s time frame. This is disappointing because there were plenty of awesome costumes that definitely deserved a moment to shine, but due to possible time-constraints and rushed organization this was not possible.


The busiest area of Hurricon was the Game section, which was the main area for tournaments and free play for everyone. Different game systems, including the recently released PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, were set up with monitors all along the area for anyone to sit down and enjoy the most popular videogames out now. For those looking for a trading card game fix, other rooms were devoted to Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other TCG games for free-play and tournaments. The gaming area was the main center to walk past just about anyone at Hurricon, aside from the main lobby, as everything took place upstairs the whole day. Whether you were looking to play any kind of game or just hang out amongst great people, this was the place when not attending panels or shopping in the Dealers Room.

Miami Hurricon 2014 was a big step for the University of Miami Anime Club. Not only was the area big enough to house more than 3000 attending, but there was enough available to keep con-goers busy the entire time. Despite a troubled and bumpy road leading up to the convention, Miami Hurricon 2014 was a success this year and leaves some great hope for bigger and better things for the convention in years to come. Those looking to have a great time for a day, without spending an arm and a leg, will definitely want to look into checking out Miami Hurricon in 2015.

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