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Artist Profile: Pieter Oliver

Photo by Leah Symmone

Photo by Leah Symonne

Written and photographed by Leah Symonne


Pieter Oliver, otherwise known as Piete is a man you definitely need to keep your eye, or more accurately, your ear on. Currently living in Ontario, Canada Piete is diving head first into the world of music and performing. Inspired by the Harlem Gospel singers at age four, he knew that music was undoubtedly the career path for him.

“When I was 13 I played around at coffee shops, lounges, and eventually bars but I never really took it too seriously,” said Piete. “I had my head focused on getting into university because I simply didn’t see music as something realistic. By the time I was 21 years old I couldn’t convince myself that I was meant for anything other than music and coincidentally around the same time a great opportunity was put in front of me.”

Taking the leap of faith all artists must at one point, he has taken a break from school to fully pursue his dream.

“The beautiful thing about music is that once you devote your heart and mind to it you start to realize that everything has the potential to inspire you,” commented Piete.

He radiates with an aura of confidence that’s contagious and calming. In the whirlwind of beginning a musical career, meeting with labels, and finding time in the studio coupled with being free from academia he’s had time to fully focus on his music.

“Music has completely changed and formed the outlook of my life,” said Piete. “First and foremost I feel free, and that feeling is something that many people never truly get to experience and for that I am blessed. I feel as if one of the most underrated pleasures in life is to think of something and then have the ability to create it and bring it to life, and that idea is how I live everyday of my life.”

With his guitar in hand, and an undeniable talent there’s no doubt Piete will soon become a household name.


Photo by Leah Symmone

Photo by Leah Symonne 



In the midst of building his social media following you can find Pieter on

Twitter and Instagram: @pieteroliver




Pieter Oliver will also be performing his original song “Waiting For Love” with Talent Nation on May 24th, at the Centre Point Theatre in Ottawa.

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  1. Rachael

    What a lovely article! Piete sounds like a talented young man, definately going to check out his music 🙂

  2. Lu

    This is a nice article. Very is well written. Pieter is a very ineresting person. He seems to recognize that his music is a work in progress and he is ready to go with it. Good Luck Pieter!!


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