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The Fillmore
Miami Beach, FL

April 29, 2014

Review and photos by Ashleigh Ahern

These days, it seems as if rap and hip hop are fading off the charts while indie-pop bands are infiltrating them. You can turn to any Top 40 channel and you’ll most likely hear a song from Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Rey, or Bastille, all bands that would never have made it to the airwaves ten years ago. The sister trio that makes up Haim is no exception. With two hits that have made it not only to pop channels, but all the way to MTV, it is no surprise that their U.S tour has nearly sold-out every date.

The usual indie children invaded the Fillmore, with their crop tops and high-waisted shorts littered the venue. Everyone rushed inside to the main floor to snag their spot as close to the action as possible. Surprisingly, many of the fans were trying to claim the perfect spot in time for the open, Shy Girls. Despite their misleading name, Shy Girls is an all-male electro R&B group with a seductive sound. While I had never heard of them, several fans seemed to be calling out for the lead singer by his first name, and swooning as he serenaded the crowd.

Haim (24) SMALLWith only one opener, fans couldn’t be more excited for the indie sisters to take the stage. All along the barricades were signs for the sisters, many showing off some of the wondrous faces they make while performing. Before long, the Haim sisters took the stage before their screaming fans and burst into their song, “Falling.” Between songs, all kinds of variations of, “I love you” and “You’re so hot (insert sister)!” could be heard from too many excited 20-something year olds. The girls brought what seemed to be a fusion of Hanson and various 70’s bands, giving them their unique sound. The fans ate it up as each sister played their own part. Bassist and eldest sister, Este, made faces that most would only see their friends make on Snapchat. Middle sister, Danielle, ripped the guitar and serenaded everyone with her cool rock vibe. And baby sister, Alana, seemed to play the part of seductress during their Fleetwood Mac cover of “Oh Well.” This, of course, after pacing around the stage and beating the bass of a drum with a maraca. The girls played through popular songs, “The Wire” and “If I Could Change Your Mind,” as well as lesser known songs, “Days Are Gone” and “Honey & I,” and even gave a nod to the ever-so-popular Beyonce with a cover of “XO.”

The Haim sisters are a band all their own in today’s world of indie pop, giving props to the days of old(ies,) and it seems that they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

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