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Say Anything

Say Anything

June 17, 2014

Revolution Live
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Review and photos by Ashleigh Ahern

The announcement of Say Anything’s fall tour sent memories of middle and high school rushing back to me. Ten years ago, the album we all got on board for, “…Is A Real Boy,” was released. Four full-length albums later, we get Hebrews and the supporting tour. June 17th brought that tour to South Florida’s own Revolution.

Kicking off the night were the boys of You Blew It! I was pretty skeptical seeing them opening for Say Anything, considering they fit more for a Front Bottoms headlining show, but I was happily surprised. Rather than feeling like an ill-fitting opener, they fit quite nicely, bringing a little more punk flavor to the lineup, and a good number of fans. From their start with “Award of the Year,” through the end of their set, “Better To Best,” singing was heard through Revolution.

The So So Glos took the stage next and, for some reason, played a set in solid red lighting. As flat as their lighting was, their performance proved to be quite the opposite. Not only did they actually perform and interact, they were surprisingly great. It was obvious just how unknown the band was to the crowd, but that didn’t seem to matter. Catchy lyrics and fun beats meant that everyone could sing and dance along. The band finished off their set with “Black & Blue,” singing some of my new favorite lyrics: “Have you got it all figured out, or do you still doubt yourself when you’re alone?”

Inflatable “TFB”’s  were set on stage for The Front Bottoms, a band that brought a crowd of their own along with the Tumblr pop-punk scene. Opening with the dancey “Flashlight,” it was easy to get first time listeners into them. Not even a minute in, people were already being passed over the crowd and to security. Songs like “Au Revoir (Adios)” and “Maps” were fun, catchy little songs that even got the newbies singing along. Their closer, “Twin-Sized Mattress,” had fans chanting along and reaching out for the band. It easily had the most crowd surfers of the night. The Front Bottoms also proved the have the craziest fans, with many shoving their way to the front, and even into the security pit, all to get a better view. Let’s just say, we were all much happier once they were over, only because we were finally given a little wiggle room as everyone backed off.

When it was time for Say Anything, I didn’t realize just how unprepared I was. Fans screamed out at every little song change, thinking their precious Max Bemis was about to grace them all with his presence. There were tears all around (even from a fellow photographer) as everyone waited in anxious anticipation for the lights to dim, until finally, they did. Skipping over fan favorites, they went straight for “Six Six Six,” off their new album Hebrews. Despite the album only being 7 days old, the crowd seemed to follow along with ease, as they did with the rest of the setlist. Playing only a handful of songs off their recent album, the crowd was wild during the rest of the set. Popular songs such as, “Baby Girl, I’m A Blur,” “Spider Song,” and “Cemetary” were deafening, even more so with the crowdsurfers flying overhead. And, of course, no one could resist dancing along to the song that got most of us hooked back in the day, “Wow… I Can Get Sexual, Too.” Slowing down, Bemis and the crew left the stage and quickly returned with “A Walk Through Hell,” “Boyd,” and the ever so strong “Belt” as confetti rained down on the sweat-drenched, ecstatic fans.

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