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What You Need to Know About Online High School Diplomas

high-school-degreeBy Amanda Delgado

In this fast paced day and age, many students are resorting to taking classes online rather than in traditional high schools to better fit their school life to their schedule.  Through online high schools, students that were not able to graduate from high school are now able to get their diploma without disrupting their work and career life. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates earn over $9,700 more per year than individuals without a diploma.

Though they serve the same purpose, to create validation for a high school level knowledge, online high schools diplomas and the General Education Development test (GED) differ greatly.

For a GED, state requirements have to be met and you should be older than 16 and not be currently enrolled in a high school. An online high school diploma, on the other hand, is open to everyone, despite age.

GED is usually accepted as equal to a high school diploma by community colleges and advanced and gifted students usually use the test to shorten the time they spend in high school; however, some colleges favor high school diplomas since they require more work to complete. GED recipients sometimes have to take extra tests to get into colleges.

To achieve credentials for the GED, you have to score higher than 60% of the current graduating seniors in a series of tests that test the knowledge of five academic subjects (mathematics, science, writing, literature and social studies); an online high school diploma is acquired by earning a certain amount of credits, meaning that it takes longer to complete as tests and assignments have to be completed and turned in.

Online high school diplomas require actual course work; offers that claim to send you a diploma in a matter of days in exchange for money are scams since they are not validated by the U.S. Department of Education.

The cost of the diploma depends on the online school. For example, it less expensive complete an online high school diploma via a charter online school than a private one.

In order for online high school diplomas to be recognized and confirmed, the online school in which the student is completing  the diploma has to be recognized by an authentic government institution; failure of validating the school can result in issues when submitting transcripts from the online schools to any college or university.

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