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A Single Tap Shields You!


Written by Ryan Hackland

In the years since the implementation of Scruff McGruff the crime dog and Life Alert, America has suffered through Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook in that exact order with multiple incidents of violent crime in between. While many citizens are resorting to arguing with legislators and the NRA one app, TapShield, is allowing citizens to take safety into their own hands.

TapShield is an app developed by an Orlando-based company, Tapshield LLC, which you can download onto your iPhone or Android device (It is not yet available for Chrome or Windows phones). TapShield provides you with crime updates and an option to report crime or notify any friends that may be in the crime area. The app allows users to send and receive real time updates in the form of crime hotspots marked on a GPS. In the event of an emergency, caller profile information is immediately sent to first responders, usually the police. The app proved to be a life saver for University of Florida student Sarah Spann, who used it to allow Campus Police Officers to apprehend her would-be attacker. Since then many of her friends have downloaded the app; a sign that student safety is a growing concern.

According to many students that have used the app, it is approximately 47% faster than dialing 911. In addition, the app also features a yank mode feature.

A single tap shields you!

One tap to summon help!

The yank feature is ideal for joggers in that any time the head phones are pulled out of their smart phones in an aggressive manner, the phone will send an alert. If this is done accidentally users have approximately ten seconds to correct the mistake.

Tapshield is versatile in that if you are on campus and you tap to alert anyone who also has the app, on-campus security personnel will be notified; however, if you are off campus and report an emergency then tapping will automatically call 911. Be sure to check if your campus is connected to TapShield.

The app also features Entourage Alert, an option that allows parents to receive notifications when their children are going from point A to point B. TapShield is a tool that will appeal to different demographics but has seen the most use on college campuses. With our society’s continued and growing use of technology, innovations like this one are definitely welcome; especially when it comes to keeping us safe.

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