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Where Did the Babies Go?

iStockphoto/Thinkstock photoWritten by Leah Symonne

With the current economy and job market many people, especially those fresh out of college, have great difficulty establishing themselves financially. Because of this young adults, such as you and me, are waiting to have babies later in life because they cannot afford a family at this time. The birth rate in the United States has been on a slow decline.

The shortage of young workers has put pressure on many corporations, and small businesses looking for entry level workers in the future. This may also then raise immigration to the United States, as the need for workers increases.  Not only that, but when there is less growth in population that means there will be less American workers to stimulate the economy which also contributes to having less taxes for retired Americans to draw from.  The flood of older people may put pressure on currently existing healthcare, and thus the young people who will be entering the work force will have to pay for the care of these people. This means, less workers more retired people.

The birth rate decline is staggering because it’s being compared to the numbers of births after World War II. Post war, there were between 118-127 births per thousand women, where as today it’s only around 63. The post war group of children is known as the Baby Boomers.

A rise in the availability of contraception has also been brought to the table as a reason for the birth decline. Since contraceptives of all kinds have been made easily accessible there has been a noticeable drop in unexpected pregnancies. Strict immigration laws have also contributed to the drop, as immigrants were found to have high fertility rates.

The birth rate decline in the United States has happened due to several factors. It will have lasting effects on the country, and the state of the economy will remain hugely impacted by the large change in demographic. How will the future look for young adults today?

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