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Florida Supercon 2014

Written and photographed by Paulina Fiore

Florida Supercon 2014

July 3 – 6, 2014

Miami Beach Convention Center,
Miami Beach, FL

Florida Supercon can be described as a four-day paradise for the unique and creative and has been greatly anticipated. Opportunity presents itself to all those who enter the realm of the nerds to display their true passion and discuss a culture unknown to most. Ranging from beautiful costume competitions to exceptional art to an intense wrestling show and even a grand market of items that people drool for, Florida Supercon has been able to attract all ages.

The air that filled the ballroom and exhibition room was welcoming with people who are happy to share their interest in comics and anime amongst their fellow fanatics. There were also many special privileges that the guests at Supercon get to enjoy. For example, getting a special viewing of animes and movies, such as the very exciting premier of the very first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. Hoards of fans rushed to the small theater for the premiere. It was cramped but no one cared, they just wanted to see their beloved childhood come back to life once again. There was also beta game testing karaoke, comedy shows, and rave dancing.

The best part about Florida Supercon is not only meeting the wonderful people in their costumes but going to panels. At panels you are able to meet voice actors, comic book artists, TV and movie actors, and cosplay models. These panels allow guests to interact with these celebrities, asking questions, getting autographs and pictures, and even joking around with your idols. It’s such a wonderful atmosphere and there is always a lot of love.

More than 40,000 people were expected to attend the convention this year, which shows the growing number of people getting involved with this new and expanding culture of gaming, comic books, anime, and manga. These conventions used to be strange and even ridiculous to most; but the rising popularity has brought light to a new world. There is always a comforting excitement that these conventions will continue to exist and become bigger because of all the love that is poured into a place where we can all share our passions.

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