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Lookout: Snap a Theftie

 Written by Molly Tracy

Selfies. Groupies. Dronies. And now, a new addition to the family, the theftie, brought to you by the app Lookout. The group as coined the term theftie for the unflattering picture that the app takes if your phone is stolen.

In a world where almost the entire population lives on technology, a phone being stolen could cause havoc in anyone’s life. Many people’s social life, business calendars, and even credit card information are stored in a phone. And it is now as easy as being pick-pocketed to have all that information stolen and in the hands of someone else.

Why don’t phones that are so valuable and hold such personally information carry some kind of protection beyond a four number pin (unless, of course, someone has opted for a iPhone 5S)?

The Lookout app, which is free to download but cost $30 a year to access the premium features, is the best thing to happen to a smartphone. According to the app’s website, Lookout is stored on the device, so that if a thief takes out your SIM card, your phone will still be able to be located.

Lookout not only takes care of your phone while you have it, making sure everything on the phone is safe and the websites you visit are safe, it also stores a continuous backup of your phone, which makes it easier whenever that brand new version of your phone comes out.

Should your phone be stolen, Lookout can map its location, even if the device is dead. Lookout automatically stores the location of your phone if the battery is low, which will help find the device if it is turned off or dead. “Lock it Down” and “Wipe it Clean” are two of the premium features. “Lock it Down” allows the phone to lock itself and a custom message to appear, while “Wipe it Clean” erases the content on your phone. If the app recognizes multiple attempts to unlock it, and takes a picture – what has been dubbed by many as a “theftie” – and emails it the person’s account along with a precise location. You can also log on and find your phone using any computer, through the app’s website.

However, according to biztechmagazine, Apple’s restrictions keep ‘Find My iPhone’, the best seller on the block. While there are parts of the Lookout app that both Apple and Android users will appreciate, such as the “scream” feature, designed to help find your phone in case it is lost in the couch, Android users will currently be the only ones who are able to see the theftie. The theftie is the only part Apple users will miss out on.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this app is different from the other antitheft apps on the market in that it’s more sensitive to what a thief would attempt after stealing a phone. The premium features make the price more than reasonable, and you can rest assured knowing that you have multiple ways to find your phone should it be stolen or lost.

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