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Written by Leah Pritchett

brody dalleBrody Dalle-Pop/Punk-USA-Signed

From The Distillers to Spinnerette, Brody Dalle never fails at blowing my mind. Though Dalle fell off the radar in 2009 she eventually came out with her first solo album, Diploid Love, which was released in April of this year. This would be her first album where she played everything from the bass to the drums. Diploid Love has a range of beautiful songs that almost remind me of her amazing work on the Distillers’ album, Coral Fang. One of my favorite songs from this album is “Meet The Foetus/Oh the Joy” since Dalle shares her vocals with Shirley Manson (from the band Garbage) and Emily Kokal (From last months’ Plug it In, Warpaint).

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When I first heard Kadebostany’s cover of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” I knew I would love the rest of their work. If anyone can do a better rendition than Beyonce herself, they deserve a listen. Not only that but their cinematography in music videos is breathtaking. You can catch a couple of their live performances on YouTube. Trust me, it is worth the watch. Magnetic and addicting, I just can’t get enough of Kadebostany.

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