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Simon Ma’s HEART WATER INK Exhibition at the Frost Museum of Art

DSC_0002Written and photographed by Anais Perez

Internationally regarded as one of China’s most talented artists, Simon Ma arranged the first viewing of his show at the local Frost Art Museum at Florida International University. Taking a peek at his artistic resume you will find that at 40 years old Ma has been elected United Nations Cultural Ambassador and deemed “Crossover Artist of 2013” by the Shanghai Tatler; other ventures include having worked with Julian Lennon, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Ma, a designer, musician, and essentially an all around creative individual, worked with a variety of different mediums to assemble a stunning exhibit that truly encapsulates the exalted beauty of the human spirit. Traditionally taught under Master Fan Tzu Teng, Ma’s work still expresses a certain degree of western influences such as the markings in “Chinese Graffiti” as well as in many others of his 70 artworks.

Horses are a recurring theme throughout Ma’s work, his inspiration lied in the idea of Ren Ma, or Benevolent Horse. Ma believes that horses are liaison that exists symbiotically between heaven and earth, and that they are a true testament of the effervescent human essence. His work definitely articulates that idea in a way that’s both incredibly simplistic but also passionate in nature.

Among these many works are some that I was in awe of. One piece titled “Marathon” was a series of 20+ horse statues made from resin that were deliberately spread out over a black angled base. This piece in particular gave a great sense of movement and direction, and it was easy to understand the kind of thought and intention that might have taken place in its construction. Another piece that was also pretty noteworthy was a statue of a horse done in murano glass, a medium that you wouldn’t expect from a traditionally trained oriental artist.

His artwork pays homage to the fluidity of the human spirit and does a remarkable job at identifying with the divine nature of its observer.

HEART WATER INK will be on display until Oct 19th at the FIU Frost Museum from 10am-5pm and open Tuesday-Sunday.

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