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Panic! At the Disco’s This is Gospel Tour

IMG_7547 SMALLWritten by Anais Perez

Photos by Ashleigh Ahern


Panic! At the Disco

August 15, 2014

Mizner Park Amphitheatre

Boca Raton, FL

I ran all the way to the barricade to grab a spot in the crowd to make sure that I wouldn’t be standing behind anyone and potentially miss the action. Words could not describe how ready I was for the show about to take place. I made some small talk and watched as the venue grew increasingly crowded within the hour. It was about an hour of standing around until the first group, Young Blood Hawke, a Los Angeles-based indie pop group, took the stage by storm. They were poppy, energetic, and wild, lead by a singer that really knew how to rile a crowd up. I, of course, couldn’t help but dance along to their music. Although no one seemed to know anything about the band, they danced and wooed anyway. They were just that good. By the time they got to the last song of the set, “We Come Running,” the crowd was particularly responsive, putting their hands up and clapping along to the beat of the song.

Next up, Walk the Moon, a band of which I had heard lots of great things about, took the stage. They had amazing energy and played both songs off of their self-titled debut album as well as one new song. I had listened to this band before and was excited to know that this lineup was packed with some really talented musicians. They performed all of my favorites including “Shiver Shiver”, “Jenny,” and of course “Anna Sun,” with such incredible vigor that definitely exceeded my expectations. Just like Young Blood Hawke, their  interaction with the crowd was outstanding: instructing the audience to make lifting motions during their appropriately named song “I Can Lift a Car,” as well as teaching the chorus to a few songs so the audience could sing along. Both groups were the perfect introduction to the a beloved band to come, and after their performances I knew that the night could only get better.

IMG_8355 SMALLIt took quite some time for Panic! At the Disco equipment to be set up and before you even knew it you’d hear the intro to “Vegas Lights” and look around to see the crowd going absolutely nuts – screaming, shouting, and pushing, making their love for this band clear. Brendan Urie knew precisely how to get this crowd going. Between taking his shirt off, the body rolls, and all the goofing off on stage there was not one person in that crowd who was blind to the kind of appeal Urie had.

P!ATD did a great job of weaving in and out of songs off both older and newer albums, going as far back as to their 2005 LP, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. My middle school nostalgia was satisfied as I shouted along to the lyrics of “But its Better if You Do” and “Nine in the Afternoon,” amongst many others. He even gave a small anecdote relating back to an old relationship on which “Ms. Jackson” was based. It was insane how devoted the crowd was, mouthing lyrics to every single song, both old and new. My absolute favorite moment of their performance would have to have been when they played the last song of the night, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”. As soon as you listened to that infamous intro the memories came rushing in and instinctively I sang along.

The night was great and not one person on that stage was lacking in any sense of the word. My friend and I were even lucky enough to have left the venue with a guitar pick in hand that the sound crew had thrown into the crowd. I would really recommend that anyone check out Young Blood Hawke’s and Walk the Moon’s albums, as they’re great for shamelessly singing along to.

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