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New Politics: Everywhere I Go Tour

New Politics on the Everywhere I Go Tour

New Politics on the Everywhere I Go Tour

October 19, 2014

Revolution Live

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Photos and review by Ashleigh Ahern            

What’s a better way to close out a busy weekend than by catching New Politics on their second headlining tour? Hitting Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, a line filed out onto the streets rather early. Once inside, I made my way to the floor to see what the night held in terms of the opening bands. Having only heard of Bad Suns and being there for New Politics, I was intrigued to see what the opening on this tour was like.

SomeKindaWonderful came out swinging their unique and catchy blend of music with energy and a strong stage presence, backed with catchy tunes. To make it even better, SomeKindaWonderful threw in a cover of Tupac and Bob Marley. I was sold after their first song.

Bad Suns catchy indie pop had me dancing along to their set. Everyone seemed to be taken by their energy. They put on a longer opening act than I expected, but it only helped to prepare for the remaining band. Bad Suns left me wanting to keep the fun vibes going, so it was perfect that New Politics was next.

New Politics kicked off the longest and strongest performance I’ve seen from them with “Tonight You’re Perfect.” Song after song, the crowd was singing and dancing along as they poured everything onto that stage. The combination of David Boyd’s amazing stage presence as a vocalist and his sick dance moves and ‘boyding’ (a move coined by New Politics) kept fans cheering. There wasn’t a moment of peace on the stage, only nonstop energy. The played two brand new songs from their upcoming album, Vikings, both of which had everyone dancing along despite never having heard them. The true highlights were their cover of “Sabotage” and the “Baby Got Back/Turn Down for What/Smells like Teen Spirit” instrumental as they showed off their talents. New Politics ended the weekend on a highpoint with their “Fall into These Arms,” “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” and of course, “Harlem.” The Everywhere I Go Tour’s South Florida date went out with a bang. It was a perfect close to a busy and fun weekend.

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