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The Dating Game

Written by Dominique McDonald

Much like everything else in our ever-changing society, dating has entered the digital age. What used to be accomplished through a simple meeting at your local coffee shop, can now all take place within a matter of minutes through text.  Dating has become accessible all in the palm of your hands with various apps on any smartphone, such as Tinder, HowAboutWe, Badoo, Hot or Not and many others.

It’s safe to say the dating game might be changed forever. Some might even go as far to say that conventional dating is now a thing of the past. Thinking about it, can swiping to the left on your Hot or Not app actually be considered “dating”? If so, then how can you be sure that this new aged dating is right for you?

Not to worry, apps like Ok!Cupid and Tinder seemed to have narrowed it down to a science. Much like your previous 20 minute coffee dates, you take time to answer questions about yourself. These answers are then compiled into your profile and sent into the wonderful world of the interwebs. If you get lucky – which most do on these sites – you’ll have numerous matches within minutes. It all comes down to a quick flick of your thumb. Pictures of your potential mates will come across the screen, where you can swipe to the left to decline or right to set things in motion. If the object of your desires feels the same then you’ll both be communicating in no time.

Before you leave this article thinking digital dating is the greatest thing since our phones themselves, you should probably consider the dangerous side to it all. Dating is hard enough as it is without having to worry about being “catfished.” So what can you do to prevent that?

1. Well first of all, be cautious. Don’t be so quick to believe everything you’re told; do a little background on the person. Now I’m not suggesting a full on search on them but you can google up their social media accounts, you know, to make sure everything adds up.

2. Secondly, tell your friends.  If anyone will have your best interest at heart, it’s them. If anything is wrong with the person you’re talking to, you might not see but surely your friends will. Besides, if your friends approve of it all then that’s one less thing to worry about.

3. Finally and probably the most important is to take things slow. Nine times out of ten you’re not going to find love online, sad but true. So why not have some fun while you’re at it.

Remember: The dating game may have changed, but the rules stay the same.



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