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The Talent Farm Never Died

Written by Carina Vo

After ten years, May 2014 marked the end of Pembroke Pines’ favorite venue: The Talent Farm. Any traces of live music shows housed in the warehouse have been taken down, thrown away or sold. A statement released by The Talent Farm states that “the Johnson street location simply outgrew itself”.

Since then, founder and owner of The Talent Farm, Kevin Burns has taken up booking shows along with his employee, Veronica Rose. Recently, however, Mr. Burns stated that a new fundraising via Site Credits is being kicked off in order to give The Talent Farm a new home.

As a venue, The Talent Farm made a name for itself, despite being in a rather out-of-the-way location. Because of connections forged with numerous booking agencies, such as Breakeven Booking, and  touring agencies, the venue attracted a vast audience with its variety of diverse shows. Musicians of all genres, from pop punk to hardcore to ska, found themselves in the small, 250 person max capacity space.

And because line-ups often fused local and touring acts, The Talent Farm acted as a place of encouragement for local bands – bands of South Floridian origin had the opportunity to expose themselves to larger crowds originally at a show for a touring act. The venue even put on strictly local shows, including Fan Fest, which is an annual locally concentrated music festival that continued even after The Talent Farm officially closed down.

Simply, the continuation of Fan Fest shows the sheer spirit of not only Mr. Burns, but of everyone who has supported The Talent Farm. The Talent Farm became a second home for many.

“Finding a replacement location that’s big enough, legally zoned, and more centrally located has proven to be quite the challenge,” wrote Mr. Burns in The Talent Farm’s release. “I’ve personally been to more than 30 potential locations in the last few months and learned that any location that’s worth opening for the long term can cost upwards of $15,000 just to get past lease deposits and construction costs.”

Mr. Burns goes on to write that he selected Site Credits as the fundraiser’s host website because of its ability to “pay back” original donors. Any money donated will be able to be used to purchase The Talent Farm’s concert tickets or anything else of value. Site Credits also allows donors the ability to request a refund in case they wish to rescind their donation.

Donations to The Talent Farm can be made at


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