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Daniel Arsham: Welcome to the Future

unnamedEvent: Daniel Arsham: Welcome to the Future

Date: Nov. 15, 2014 

Where: locustprojects (Miami, FL)


Written and Photographed by Leah S. Pritchett


You could hear the “O’s and Awe’s” as you entered the locustprojects. I made my way through the black drapes that eventually unveiled one of the most beautiful and powerful art installations I had ever seen: Daniel Arsham: Welcome to the Future.

I paced my steps around the circle that held, what seemed like not too long ago, 20-century media devices. SLR cameras, battered guitars, familiar Nintendo controllers and what used to be my source of entertainment, VHS tapes, were scattered in an almost post-apocalyptic way. And yes, it only makes sense since Arsham survived Hurricane Andrew. He has said that the aftermath of the storm left quite an impact on him.unnamed (3)

unnamed (2)  While I am not sure what effect it had on everyone else in the exhibition room, I felt somewhat depressed yet moved. These objects, which were important in their time, which was not long ago, are scattered and massed below our feet making it seem as though this technology is irrelevant. I remember playing with a Nintendo joystick in the 90s’ and collecting tons of Disney movies on VHS. These items meant the world to me as a child and to see them dismembered below my feet left me wanting to revisit my childhood and yet assuring  me that I could never revisit it.

This installation is worth a look. Perhaps you may not have the same perspective as myself, but it is still mesmerizing.

Welcome to the Future was made possible by Espirito Santo Bank, The Knight Foundation and RoboVault; make sure to stopover to the loustprojects and take a look into the future.

Take a look into Welcome to the Future

The exhibition runs from Nov. 2014 till Jan. 2015

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