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Bye Felipe

Written by Molly Tracy

So you’ve discovered this amazing app, and it lets you find new hot people to date. This is awesome! Well, it’s awesome until a guy, let’s call him Felipe, messages you.

He has the standard creep photo of him taking a selfie in the mirror with no shirt on, and doesn’t even know your first name from your screen name before he calls you ‘sexy’ or ‘baby.’

So what do you do? Ignore him and go about your day, of course. But then he continues to pester you, and at first it’s cute: he’s commenting on your avatar photo, telling you how beautiful you are, continuing to ask why you won’t talk to him, and then, inevitably, it turns violent. Soon he’s telling you what a b**** you are, how no one would ever f*** you, how ugly you are, and a million other things – all because you wouldn’t talk to him.

So what are your options? Besides ignoring and blocking him, give him a taste of his own medicine on a new revolutionary Instagram account called Bye Felipe (@byefelipe), started by women who have been attacked by men and modeled after the meme Bye Felicia, which is a woman you don’t care about according to Urban Dictionary. These women made an Instagram account that allows people to submit their screenshots of “Felipes.” People can submit their own experiences to an email address associated with the Bye Felipe Instagram account (@byefelipe), where the screencaps are posted, which currently has over 278,000 followers.

The point of Bye Felipe is to show girls on dating sites such as OkCupid, Tinder and even Facebook that they’re not alone.

In a NYMag interview with the founder of Bye Felipe, Alexandra Tweten, she has this to say on what has become the “Felipe phenomenon,” or why men seem to think it’s okay to say these things to women:

“I wanted to start a conversation about the entitlement that a lot of men feel they have. It’s definitely not all men. But the ones who send these insane messages need to be called out and publicly shamed. I don’t think normal guys have any idea it’s going on. They never have to deal with it and unless we post them they never see it. Not all men send these messages, but every woman online has received something like this.”

On what she hopes to achieve, she says, “I think a lot of these guys just need to look at themselves and ask, Why is it that people aren’t responding to me? Maybe I need to work on myself. I’m hoping that message gets across.” In another interview with Huffington Post, she said that these screencaps show a “cultural misogyny problem.”

If you have ever been attacked by a “Felipe,” don’t miss the chance to shame him for his bad behavior. Stand up for yourself! Go to

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