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Ephemera: A Celebration of Art and Nature

Pierre-Jouët presents Ephemerā

Design Miami

Art Basel 2014

Miami Beach, FL

December 3 – 7, 2014

Written by Juniette Fiore

Photos by Juniette Fiore and Leah Pritchett


Mischer’traxler’s Ephemerā is a celebration of beauty and nature. Commissioned by Pierre-Jouët, Ephemera was unveiled at Design Miami during Art Basel 2014. This collection stimulated curiosity and interaction between mankind and nature. It showed us that nature is ephemeral, disappearing when mankind interferes but can once again return to life if given room to grow.

Ephemerā showcased extinct and rediscovered species in their exhibit. Their impressive furniture pieces were full of magic, teaching us that we should not take nature for granted and treat it with respect.

A grand oak table sat in the middle of the exhibit, inlaid with a collection of flora and insects. When guests stood far away, they could watch as nature grew out of the oak table; however, if they stepped too close the plants and insects would disappear in an instant. Guests were completely entranced by this game of hide-and-seek. Some hovered their hands over the table to watch the plants disappear and re-appear once more. This wasn’t the only place to play.

Two mirrors decorated the walls, just as magical as the oak table. You could stare into the mirror and watch as flowers grew across the glass and out of its wooden frame. Just like the table, getting too close to nature would make it disappear.


Perrier-Jouёt presents Ephemerā

Perrier-Jouёt presents Ephemerā


Ephemerā enchanted the audience and brought to light the delicate conversation between mankind and nature. Take a look at OUTLOUD’s exclusive interview with mischer’traxler and learn more about the magic in their pieces.



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