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Plug it in


Written by Leah Pritchett

Leah opens your mind and ears to eclectic musicians around the globe. From signed to unsigned and obscure towns to big cities, this column catches music missed by the mainstream media. So pick up your headphones and take a leap into an invigorating journey that will keep you on the tip of your toes and ears.



Paloma Faith


I am not going to lie; I fell in love with Paloma Faith’s hair before her music.  While I was on a search for a new hair color, I accidently came across a picture of Faith’s insanely bright, orange hair and “literally died.” Little did I know that this firecracker was a soulful singer.

Her recent single, “Only Love Can Hurt Like This,” is probably my favorite song thus far. Her voice is filled with sorrow and most importantly, soul. While Faith’s looks may be quirky, her musical talent is what makes her an absolute star. I do love you, Paloma.

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Box of Light


Once again, I fell in love with Helen Anderson’s wild, colored hair on youtube. While Helen, the lead singer of Box of Light, is currently my favorite Youtuber and quite the vocalist. To my surprise, the British beauty fronts a catchy, musical pop rock band: Box of Light. Her vocals are whimsical and stupefying.  Every Sunday morning I make my favorite hot green tea and play one of my favorite Box of Lights song, “Falling.” It has a catchy 50’s sound that makes me wish I was slow dancing on the beach with my loved one. I am keeping my fingers crossed that sometime in 2015 Box of Light will perform some of their magical tunes in the U.S.

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