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Hell on Wheels: Valentine’s Day Blues

Valentine's Day Blues

Valentine’s Day Blues

Roll with MK, but buckle up – it’s a bumpy ride!

Written by Molly Tracy

Besides the funny valentines that pop up on Tumblr around this time, I absolutely hate Valentine’s Day. Whoa. That’s a strong way to start, isn’t it? But after 21 years of my life watching people being lovey-dovey and happy and…ugh…I’ve grown to hate this holiday. Maybe it’s because until recently any chance of a relationship was completely c*ckblocked by the 250 pound wheelchair I ride around in, the tube in my throat, or any of the other wonderful issues I’ve been handed.

Valentine’s Day in Elementary school, no problem. You get little pieces of cardboard with candy on them, your mom sends you chocolate via the school fundraiser (please tell me I’m not the only one…), and everything is generally good. It’s not until you hit the sixth grade (dun dun dun…) that you realize aw man….now people only have to give candy to people they like! And of course, it only gets worse in High School. (Why does everyone have an obsession with balloons? Do you need to make that big of a statement?)

I don’t want to sound bitter, because I’m not….really….okay…maybe a little. But between the normal teenage angst of High School and adding 250 pounds of angst that I rode around in every day…High School wasn’t my favorite time. Especially around Valentine’s Day where people go way beyond what’s “normal” to show love to their HS girlfriend/boyfriends. (I only know this now because I have a sibling in High School. She can vouch for my bitterness… I mean not bitterness. Yeah.)

Now that I’m in a grown up (I guess?) and I do finally have someone in my life that I love [crowd cheers], I still hate Valentine’s Day [crowd looks around confused]. I’ve been with, we’ll call this person A since they’ll definitely show up in more than one post, for a year and a half, and luckily, neither of us are big Valentine’s Day people.

Ah, compatibility.



Molly Tracy lives in Orlando, FL. She’s currently attending Community College where she’s studying to be a teacher. She lives by the three Bs: Broadway, BBC, and Blogging. She has been writing for Outloud since Jan 2010. [/box]

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