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Make Money Blogging

Written by Dominique McDonald

Everyone has a story to tell and in the age we live in now, the easiest way to do so is Blogging. Yes ladies and gentlemen, what was once discussed over amongst friends is now shared over the interwebs for millions to see. While some choose written blogs and others vlogs, the idea remains that no matter where you are in the world you can share your opinion with whoever will listen. Some may view this as a simple hobby but done correctly can result in a paycheck for the writer. And who wouldn’t want to be paid for doing what they love, am I right?

You’re probably wondering how you can go about making money for your blog. Well, a few companies named bubblews, Hubpages and Helium can help do just that. Bubblews has revolutionized blogging for writers in over 240 countries worldwide. They allow bloggers to utilize their platform to express their opinion; brainstorm with like-minded individuals all around the world and are paid to do so.

To join the website all you need is a valid email account and a PayPal account. After which you will be able to write articles that will compensate you on a pay per view basis. You are also paid based on how many comments and likes you get on your content. The rates on which you are paid vary depending on where you live and will be determined after you make your account. Once you reach a total account balance of $50 you are eligible to redeem your money; however only one redemption is allowed within a month.

You will be limited to 10 posts within a 24 hour time frame. Each post must be at least 400 characters and in line with the website guidelines. Anything you post can be posted on other social medias sites and bubblews even encourages it. All posts must be completely original content any infractions will result in a deleted account by bubblews. The website interface is very similar to that of Tumblr; it has a popular page and is separated into various topics. You can find articles on close to anything and even better you can write almost anything as well; within reason of course.

On Hubpages, articles are known as ‘hubs’. Articles need to be original and useful the audience. Now you’re probably wondering how you can get paid for this. We’ll its simple; Hubpages sets up ads relevant to your hub are placed on the page. Each click from these ads gets you money in your PayPal account. Once your account earns a minimum of $50 in your Hubpages ad program account, you can cash out your earnings. Sounds easy right; and who said making money couldn’t be fun too.

Helium is another great writing community. This website is a bit different in that you can choose to write based on your own topic or write for one of Helium’s clients. If you choose to write for a client, you will choose from an assignment board. The article you write will then be sold to a particular website that needs written content. A perk to this site is you can cash out your earnings after reaching a $25 minimum. So you can see, ladies and gentlemen, blogging is a great way to make some extra money and share an opinion while doing it.

Make money blogging!

Make money blogging!

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