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Blood, Bass, and Tears: A Brief History of GTA

Written by Grant Albert

          The stereotypical days of high school kids forming a band and playing out of their garage on weekends are disappearing. The electronic boom that swept America in 2009 paved a new meaning of the term “jamming out.” We are now in the phase of high schoolers wanting to become DJs and play at the hottest festivals. Two native Miami friends seem to have pushed through the obstacles and taken Miami’s trap game by storm. The group is GTA and this is a brief history of their progression.

One reason for GTAs success is music experience and diversity from their city. The two 24 year olds Julio Mejia and Matt Toth both grew up in Miami. Before the electronic boom Julio was playing the trumpet, guitar, and drums while Matt played guitar and attended audio engineering school. Living in Miami lead the duo to experience a wide range of genres that have now been incorporated into their sets, everything from hip-hop to jazz to electronic.

The friendship between the two started via the internet. Matt was playing tech-house while Mejia was creating trap music and the ever-rowdy moombahton. They eventually got a hold of each other and felt an instant bonding though a System of a Down CD. The following weeks after making their first single they received an email from Dutch DJ superstar Afrojack asking to sign them to his record label. After that, a spiral of instant fame and stardom took over.

Now with a whopping 295,000 likes on Facebook and a recent tour with Rihanna the sky is the limit for these two. The duo has recorded tracks on records like “Mad Decent” and “Fools Gold.” GTA has recently recorded a track with French house DJ Martin Solveig dubbed “Intoxicated.”

GTA can now proudly say “they made it” with the ultimate dream that almost any Miami-born DJ would fathom by playing at Ultra Music Festival for not one, but two years. In 2014 they took Ultra’s Worldwide stage in the heat of night playing after Bro Safari and before DJ Snake. At Ultra 2015 they will be playing again at the Worldwide stage practically closing the stage with the second to last set before Zeds Dead.

Now with festival season officially in full swing and a lengthy world tour, GTA is growing more and more. The group is far from the common European DJ. They are DJ’s with Miami roots and influence flowing through their veins.


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